Products: Pressure Monitoring Line Specifications

Pressure monitoring line is made of clear and non toxic PVC that is kink resistant tubing. Pressure monitoring line specifications facilitates optimum dynamic response; it is latex free and available as sterile in non phylogenic form.

It is highly accurate and monitors the fluent blood pressure as required. Usually for the patients where a risk cannot be taken, the faulty readings of the instruments can be harmful. For pressure monitoring line manufacturer India is very important that correct and timely monitoring is done, and a further line of treatment can be taken based on the previous readings.

Pressure Monitoring Line

  • Made of clear, non-toxic PVC
  • Highly kink resistant tubing.
  • Facilitates optimum dynamic response
  • Connector: female, male
  • Various length is available
  • Latex Free, Sterile, non-pyrogenic
  • External Dia. : 2.80mm.
  • Internal Dia. : 1.27mm.
  • Length : 10, 100, 150 & 200cm.

pressure monitoring line