Products: Non Wovens


Product Name




Surgeon's Cap Std. Also called Round Cap for men. DSC/50
Hood cap Std. With coverage for side buns and Beard DSC/51
Face Mask Std. Acts as a microbial fitter DSC/52
Apron Std. Water repellent material used fo minor procedures DA/53
Shoe Cover Std. Extra cover for feet to avoid contamination of sterile area by footwear or socks DC/54
Surgical Gown Std. For protection against Water and fluid repellent DSG/55
Bouffant Cap Std. Also called Nurses Cap for ladies to accommodate long hair DBC/55
Gynae sheet 120cmX100cm Laminated sheet with circular fenestration in the centre DGS/56
Bed sheet 120cmX100cm Laminated Sheet used in burns deptt. as Drape Sheet DBC/57
Laproscopy Sheet 120cmX100cm Laminated sheet with two slits in center DLY/58
Baby Sheet 80cm X 60cm Laminated sheet used in incubator for prematured babies to reduce nosocomial infection DBS/59
Draw Sheet 120cmX100cm Laminated Sheet for general surgical procedure. DDS/61
Pillow Cover Std. Made of laminated fabric to provide cloth like feel to the user and avoid contamination
of pillow as well.
Leggings Std. Laminated fabric material for Gynaecological procedures and general surgery. DL/63
T.U.R./Eye/Lumber Sheet 50cm X 70cm With round fenestration used for Eye puncture sheet Urology. peadiatrics, ENT
Spinal Sheet 50cm X 70cm With oval fenestration used in Anesthesia deptt. DSS/65
Abdominal Sheet 120cmX200cm Bed sheet with circular slit near the periphery DAS/66

Non Woven drapes and coverall are useful protection in the Medical field and other industries, they prevent the transfer of contaminents such as dust particles, human hair etc. to the patient, food or printed circuit board depending upon the nature of the work. These are an essential item where cleanliness is concerned.

Standard color is white and the material varies from 14GSM to 70GSM depending on the product.

Special colors, packaging and materials can be provided upon request.