Butterfly Cannula Sizes, Colors, and Uses: Comprehensive Guide

Butterfly Cannula

Welcome to Denex International’s definitive guide on butterfly cannula, your trusted companion in the medical realm. As a leading IV cannula manufacturer in India, we take pride in unravelling the intricate details of butterfly cannulas, encompassing their sizes, colours, and multifaceted applications.

Understanding Butterfly Cannula:

A winged infusion set, commonly referred to as a “butterfly” or “scalp vein” set, stands as a specialized device designed for venipuncture, serving the dual purpose of accessing superficial veins or arteries for intravenous injection or phlebotomy. This intricate device comprises several key components arranged in a sequential manner for optimal functionality. Beginning from the front, it features a hypodermic needle followed by two bilateral flexible “wings” that provide stability during insertion. Connected to these wings is a flexible small-bore transparent tubing, typically ranging from 20 to 35 cm in length, facilitating the smooth flow of fluids.

Finally, the device culminates in a connector, often in the form of a female Luer, enabling attachment to various other devices such as syringes, vacuum tube holders, or extension tubing from infusion pumps or gravity-fed infusion/transfusion systems.

In recent advancements, newer models of butterfly iv cannula incorporate additional safety features to mitigate potential risks associated with needlestick injuries and needle reuse. One such innovation includes a slide and lock safety device that can be effortlessly slid over the needle post-use. This mechanism not only minimizes the risk of accidental needlestick injuries but also serves as a barrier against the reuse of needles, thereby reducing the likelihood of transmitting infectious diseases such as HIV and viral hepatitis. These safety enhancements underscore the continuous evolution and commitment of medical device manufacturers like Denex International to prioritize both patient and healthcare provider safety in clinical settings.

Butterfly Cannula Size:

Butterfly cannula size plays a pivotal role in ensuring precise and efficient medical procedures. Typically available in a range of 18 to 27 gauge bore, with 21G and 23G emerging as the most popular choices, selecting the appropriate size is crucial for achieving optimal outcomes. Interestingly, in the realm of phlebotomy, there exists a common misconception regarding the avoidance of smaller bore sizes such as 25G and 27G due to concerns of hemolysis and clotting in blood samples, potentially compromising test accuracy.Butterfly Cannula Size

However, recent studies have challenged this notion, revealing that smaller bore needles actually exhibit reduced shear stress and hemolysis, albeit insignificantly. In fact, clinical trials have demonstrated comparable results in hemolysis and coagulation panel tests across various bore sizes, including 21G, 23G, and 25G, when directly connected to vacuum tubes. This underscores the importance of evidence-based practices in selecting butterfly cannula sizes, ensuring both patient comfort and clinical efficacy.

Butterfly Cannula Color:

Butterfly cannula color plays a significant role in streamlining the identification process and ensuring efficient usage in medical settings. Each color corresponds to a specific gauge size, allowing healthcare professionals to quickly select the appropriate cannula for their intended procedure. Let’s delve into the significance of each color:

Golden Brown (19G): This distinctive hue signifies the 19-gauge butterfly iv cannula, denoting its larger bore size. Widely recognized for its robustness and suitability for procedures requiring a higher flow rate, the golden brown butterfly iv cannula instills confidence in healthcare practitioners during critical interventions.

Yellow (20G): The bright and vibrant yellow color designates the 20-gauge butterfly cannula. Renowned for its versatility and compatibility across various clinical applications, the yellow butterfly cannula stands as a go-to choice for routine venipuncture and intravenous therapy.

Green (21G): Symbolizing the 21-gauge butterfly cannula, the serene green color embodies precision and reliability. Ideal for accessing superficial veins with minimal trauma, the green butterfly cannula strikes a balance between patient comfort and procedural efficacy.

Blue (23G): The calming blue color represents the 23-gauge butterfly iv cannula, renowned for its finesse and delicacy. Perfect for procedures requiring utmost precision, such as pediatric care and fragile vein access, the blue butterfly iv cannula exemplifies gentle yet effective venipuncture.

Red (25G): Bold and assertive, the red color designates the 25-gauge butterfly iv cannula. Despite its smaller bore size, the red butterfly cannula boasts remarkable efficiency in fluid delivery, making it a preferred choice for patients with delicate veins or those requiring controlled medication administration.

Grey (27G): The subtle and understated grey color signifies the 27-gauge butterfly iv cannula, renowned for its ultrafine design and unparalleled comfort. Ideal for procedures demanding the utmost precision, such as neonatal care and infusion of delicate medications, the grey butterfly cannula exemplifies sophistication and sophistication.

Butterfly Cannula Uses:

Butterfly cannula, with its versatile design and precise functionality, finds extensive application across a spectrum of medical procedures and specialties. Let’s explore the diverse uses of butterfly iv cannula in clinical practice:

Intravenous Therapy:

Butterfly cannula serves as a vital tool in administering fluids, medications, and blood products directly into the bloodstream. Its flexible wings and thin bore needle make it ideal for accessing superficial veins, ensuring efficient delivery of therapeutic agents with minimal discomfort to the patient.


The butterfly cannula is indispensable in the field of phlebotomy, facilitating the collection of blood samples for diagnostic testing. Its delicate design allows for gentle venipuncture, making it particularly suitable for patients with fragile veins, such as the elderly, pediatric, or oncology patients.

Pediatric Care:

Pediatric patients pose unique challenges due to their smaller veins and heightened sensitivity. Butterfly iv cannula, with its fine gauge needles and precise control, is well-suited for venous access in children, ensuring minimal trauma and improved patient comfort during procedures.

Geriatric Care:

In elderly patients, vascular fragility and diminished vein integrity often necessitate specialized venous access techniques. Butterfly cannula offers a gentle and controlled approach to venipuncture, minimizing the risk of complications such as hematoma formation and tissue trauma in geriatric populations.

Emergency Medicine:

In emergency situations where rapid vascular access is crucial, butterfly iv cannula serves as a valuable tool for initiating intravenous therapy swiftly. Its compact size and ease of use make it an essential component of emergency medical kits, enabling healthcare providers to administer life-saving interventions promptly.

Infusion of Contrast Agents:

During imaging studies such as computed tomography (CT) scans or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), contrast agents are frequently administered intravenously to enhance visualization of internal structures. Butterfly iv cannula facilitates the precise and controlled infusion of contrast agents, ensuring optimal imaging quality while minimizing patient discomfort.

Home Healthcare:

In the realm of home healthcare, butterfly iv cannula provides a convenient and safe means of administering medications and fluids to patients in their own environment. Its user-friendly design and simple application make it accessible for caregivers and patients alike, enabling effective management of chronic conditions requiring intravenous therapy.

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Unlocking the Potential:

At Denex International, we believe in empowering healthcare professionals with cutting-edge solutions. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually refine and enhance the butterfly iv cannula, ensuring superior performance and patient outcomes. With a focus on quality, reliability, and user satisfaction, Denex International remains your trusted partner in medical excellence.


In conclusion, the butterfly cannula epitomizes innovation and precision in the realm of medical devices. From its diverse sizes and color-coded system to its wide-ranging applications, the butterfly iv cannula stands as a testament to Denex International’s dedication to advancing healthcare solutions. As we embark on a journey towards excellence, let butterfly cannula pave the way for enhanced patient care and clinical efficiency.

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