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IV Cannula with wings with port ...

The General Features of our I.V. Cannula are

  • Catheter is made from Medical Grade Virgin PTFE (Teflon is of Internationally accepted high quality

  • PTFE Tubing-The Most Bio- Compatible Material, with longer indwelling time.

  • PTFE has lowest co-efficient of friction,thereby smoothening the insertion.

  • Injection port with silicon valve for intermittent medication.

  • Sharp 3 facet bevel with back cut Japanese needle

  • Colour coded cap for easy gauge identification.

  • Sharp 3 facet bevel with back cut Japanese needle to reduce the penetration force.

Gauge Specifications

. Orange 14G 2.10 45 290
Medium Grey 16G 1.70 45 176
White 17G 1.50 45 130
Deep Green 18G 1.30 45 76
Pink 20G 1.00 33 54
Deep Blue 22G 0.85 25 31
Yellow 24G 0.70 19 14
Violet 26G 0.60 19 13
Specifications as per ISO: 10555 part V  
The Packing provided for the above mentioned product is of 50pcs. OR 100pcs. Per box and 10 boxes per carton. The boxes of 100 are depicted here with.

I.V. Cannula Range has Needle cover to protect the needle from accidental damage or punctures. Hub Cover i.e., the flashback chamber has high visibility indicating perfect and successful veni-puncture with blood entry. Needles Hub has a holding area precisely designed for placement of thumb. Leur Lock also called stopper used to plug the cannula to prevents any seepage of blood due to back flow, when cannula is not in use. Easy to peel off system to remove form skin blister pack.
Sterilsation is done with Ethylene Oxide gas.


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